Five Favorite Love Songs


Since today’s Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d write a post on some of my favorite love songs.


1. Time and Confusion – Anberlin

This song is so sweet. And it’s Anberlin – what more could you want? 🙂


2. Enough to Let Me Go – Switchfoot

Singer Jon Foreman said he wrote the song as a response to a lot of love songs he would hear. They were all about a sort of selfish love – like “Baby, I want you” “Say you love me”. But true love is about letting go.

I’m not qualified to comment about popular music but I couldn’t agree more about the nature of true love. This song is a beautiful testament to that and I love the instrumentation, especially the baseline. 🙂 I could listen to it over and over.


3. The Best of You and Me – Number One Gun

For something more melancholic, try The Best of You and Me. The melody is beautiful and the words haunting. (I also love Number One Gun’s Pretend. It reminds me of one of the heroes from my dystopian trilogy.)

4. A Little More – Skillet

I’m not normally a Skillet fan, but I do love A Little More. “Faith will bring a way to the impossible” and “Love can take a little more” are some of my favorite lines ever.

5. Hold Us Together – Matt Maher

This might have been written as a love song from God, but it also applies to romantic love. Either way, it’s still a love song and presents a view of love both realistic and idealistic at once.


Bonus: Anberlin’s Orpheum captures perfectly the intoxication of falling in love.


What are some of your favorite love songs? I’ll listen to them if they’re available! And have a happy Valentine’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Five Favorite Love Songs

  1. Ooh, thanks for the recommendations! I will have to check them out—I know I already love a couple of the artists (Skillet especially) so I look forward to the listens. 😀


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