Jan 2015 Recap

This month … well, I’ve got a couple things to talk about so I’m recapping it today.


Books I’ve Read:
Mark of Athena, by Rick Riordan (Three stars. I enjoyed it and Leo is awesome.)

Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, by Rick Riordan (Three stars. Cool narration and lots of psycho gods.)

House of Hades, by (do I even have to say it?) Rick Riordan (Five stars. Love the character development.)

Days of Blood and Starlight, by Laini Taylor (Four stars. Everything about this book was amazing. The missing star is for a somewhat slow beginning, but the later part of the story … woah. I love Zuzana and Mik for their blessed naïveté, pamperedness, and humanity. The couple is adorable together. But Liraz wins for best character development. Liraz is compelling and I would love to read more about her.)

Dreams of Gods and Monsters, by Laini Taylor (Five stars. I do think there was too much going on in this book and too many new elements introduced but I’ll give it a pass since it is an absolutely beautiful and epic story.)

An Inspector Calls and Other Plays, by J. B. Priestley (Five stars. I didn’t like some of the weird/supernatural elements and the subtle sexism, but apart from that, I love these 4 plays about the human psyche. My personal favorite is “Time and the Conways”.)

Crown of Midnight, by Sarah J. Maas (Five stars. Woah. Those plot twists. Woah.)

(In other words, I love all the books I’ve read so far? :))

Movies I Watched:
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Yes, I’m watching this a little “late”. It saves money, ya know? Anyway, it was a fun movie. Martin Freeman is the perfect Bilbo and the dwarves are adorably hilarious. And I always love Thorin.
The Hunger Games It is an amazing movie. And I don’t know what else to say to do it justice.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire I love this one even more than the first. The emotion is contagious and heartbreaking. I love Johanna

I found this awesome picture. I've been loving anime drawings.
I found this awesome picture. I’ve been loving anime drawings.

and Finnick. And Haymitch. And Effie. And everybody, really. The acting was perfect.



I wrote these blog posts:

Oh, Procrastination

The Seven Deadly Sins Book Tag
Beautiful People (Authors Edition)


Characters From World Warriors

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award II

Authorly Bucket List Tag

Characters From World Warriors (Anime Style)


I have been listening to:

Felt, by Anchor and Braille

The Fire Within, by Birdy

1989, by Taylor Swift

Anything by Anberlin



I rewrote about 20,000 words of my novel Grey Wars. And my characters refused to behave according to the plot and I’ll have to change the whole storyline, for the upteenth time. Other than that, it’s going well, really. I’m enjoying myself and that’s most important, right?


I took the ALS ice bucket challenge. It was fun but surprisingly easy.

I gave this blog a makeover. I never can stay away from the themes section!

I changed my profile pic for the upteenth time and I compiled a favourites page and a bucket list.

I also found this Twitter – in Twitter language: #mosthilariousthingever

And now, I leave you with this picture I found on the net that never fails to crack me up and the promise of a long line of new posts in future.


6 thoughts on “Jan 2015 Recap

  1. OOh oh I’m so glad you liked Dreams of Gods and Monsters! I’m reading that soon…well soonish. Like my TBR is a bit wild at the moment, so when it settles (haha) I’m borrowing it form the library. IT IS A MONSTER IN SIZE THO. *ahem* Also I didn’t love book 2 as much as book 1. Ohhhh, and I LOVED CROWN OF MIDNIGHT SO MUCH I COULD SCREAM. Wait. Lemme scream and just get it out of my system *fangirls wildly* x) Im’ glad you had a good month and good on you for doing the ice bucket challenge. XD


    1. I can’t wait to see what you think of it. 🙂 Yep, it is huge. Oh, Crown of Midnight. Those plot twists! Like, seriously. I recently read Heir of Fire and sadly don’t like it so much. The Celaena/Rowan bits and the Manon parts bored me. I was basically reading it for Chaol and Dorian. The ending was amazing tho.


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