Characters From World Warriors

I’ve been writing a novel currently called World Warriors. I’m kind of blah about the name but at least it’s easy to say. It’s a sort of “superhero” YA novel. I started it because I wanted to write something humorous and light hearted, instead of dark and tragic, for a change. I came up with a handful of characters who were sure to clash, then threw them on the page and let them do their thing.

Blurb: A shapeshifter kidnaps eight teenagers to help him save the world. They set off on journeys to five different foreign locations where they must find the enemy camps and thwart the enemy’s plans before the entire earth is destroyed.


Zevren is the shapeshifter who sets these events in motion. For years, he’s been upholding the world singlehandedly. The situation finally gets so bad, he drops seven (eight) children through the portals between underground and land. If things had been just a smidge better, he’d never have dreamt of it. He kind of hates humans.

(He doesn’t really look like Hiddleston or Bloom, but that’s the closest I could find.)

Below are the original eight teenagers, plus the six other kids who join the team over the course of their adventures. (all pictures from Pinterest. My WW board is here. Note: Most of the characters are probably less … how shall I say it? … attractive, than in the following pictures.):


ALICE is a writer and something of a nerd. She’s the brains of the team. She’s also reserved and rather short. She’s the only one who wasn’t kidnapped because Zevren thought she was worth reasoning with. (She has short hair to her chin and brown eyes. Apart from that, the pic is pretty accurate.)


LEVI is a Southerner. Farmer. One of ten kids.  His hair is a lot shorter than in the picture. He especially hates Zevren, probably most of all the kids. He and Alice go to New Zealand where they meet



MAIA. She’s cheerful and confident and a musician (singing, piano, classical knowledge …) The above picture is a rough portrait of Maia as a young girl. She definitely smiles more. There was a girl in my school who looks exactly like my idea of Maia but I’m not in touch with her, sadly.

Here’s an adorable sketch of young Maia and I think it conveys her better.





BEN and REBECCA (Becky) are two of Levi’s little siblings. They eventually get wind of what he’s doing and are determined to help him. They’re both pretty quiet, and a lot more sensitive than he is. I love these three siblings and their relationships so much.



DANIELA is fierce and spunky and I really want her hair. Um, okay, that’s kind of irrelevant.



JARED has a devil-may-care attitude. He and


SEAN, an orphan and mechanic, take on the most dangerous mission of all, in North Canada.



Will is a quiet unassuming guy, but he is an excellent baseball player and very clever. He singlehandedly designs a trap to capture the enemy’s forces. He’s friends with




ISAAC – it was soooo hard to find a good picture! His hair is longer, he doesn’t have all the freckles, and his jaw is more squarish, but this will have to do. Isaac is definitely a people person. He’s easygoing, friendly, and loves anything to do with cars. He and


MELANIE tackle Los Angeles. Aside from the fact she’s in the water, the picture is pretty much Melanie.

IMG_0453Isaac is unable to hide his mission from his friends JOHNNY and KATIE. Johnny is a joker and a terrible driver. He definitely needs his sister to keep him on track. In other words, they make the best team.IMG_0452




IMG_0439Finally, we have ROSEMARY, a visionary and an artist whom they meet on the streets of Los Angeles.

And that’s about it. Now I’d better get to work finishing the novel.

2 thoughts on “Characters From World Warriors

  1. The way you’ve selected pictures for and described your characters is intriguing. 🙂 Write their story! Also, I approve off Tom Hiddleston pics, so even if he isn’t a perfect match, way to go.


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