New Year Resolutions are kind of a tradition. And I enjoy making them. But this year, I won’t be holding myself too closely to my goals. I want to specialise in my schoolwork this year and spend the rest of my time generally relaxing and spending time with friends and family.

I suppose those are resolutions in themselves, huh?

1. Graduate this year with good grades
2. Spend time with friends and family
3. Take risks (which include, among other things, walking up to strangers and saying hello, making new friends, and stopping the pernicious habit of pretending not to see other people. I am soooo guilty of this.)
4. Read at least 12 books.
5. Finish Heroes of Olympus. (That’s not a resolution, actually. It’s just something that’s gonna happen.)
6. Finish my novel World Warriors #1
7. (In an ideal world) finish writing the entire World Warriors trilogy.
8. Learn some netball.
9. Start a bank account.
10. Publish at least 52 blog posts.
11. Laugh … at myself and life … and live the life I dream
12. Don’t look back.

4 thoughts on “2015

  1. These are good New Year’s Resolutions. Good luck accomplishing them! I want to get good grades this year, too. I also want to finish drafting and revising three WIPs, including a new idea that I have for an epic fantasy book. I love #11 and 12. I think those are fabulous statements to live by.


  2. These are awesome. I totally think focusing on school and friends/family and relaxing is an epic idea for resolutions. YES. xD I want to focus more on being a bit calmer. I tend to overachieve on everything and it’s rather exhausting. x) I want to start Heroes of Olympus. 😉


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