Oh, Procrastination!



Fear. Inspiration. Editing. Rewriting. Word count. The publishing business.

None of these can ever match up to the demon that is procrastination. Sometimes I think “being a writer” is a synonym for “constant fight against procrastination”. It certainly feels that way.

In fact, if I never procrastinated, I do believe I could have written double – no, triple – the amount of novels that I have.

Sadly, that thought is not motivation enough for me to do away with procrastination completely.

It’s not that procrastination is necessarily bad. It’s a part of life, like everything else we do. But for a writer – especially a writer with ideas waiting to be written – it’s enemy No. 1.

(On an unrelated note, 2015 on this blog will be the year of 1. tags and 2. poetry. But mostly tags. You’ve been warned.)

2 thoughts on “Oh, Procrastination!

  1. Procrastination – yeah, that’s something I’m suffering from right now, too. Oh, wait, it’s more like a permanent affliction. 🙂

    Poetry? I look forward to it!

    Happy New Year!


    1. Totally. It’s a permanent affliction.

      I used to write a lot of poetry. Lately I’ve stopped, but I still have the old ones which I’ll brush up a little. Maybe it’ll inspire me to start again.

      Happy New Year to you, too! 🙂


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