Writing Recap 2014

imageThis year was when I started writing seriously. (I had written my first

completed full length novel in late 2013.)

Jan – April: I wrote part one of a story about six siblings (about 10,000). I didn’t finish it because it was boring and had no plot but it would become the basis for my dystopian.

May: I wrote the first draft of my fantasy novel (which became Grey Wars). It had three viewpoints and a ton of plot lines and I clocked in at 20,000 words. So basically, it was bare. It was a very rough draft.

June: I rewrote about 10,000 words of it.

July: I rewrote the whole thing this time, for Camp NaNoWriMo, and finished at 51,000

August – September: I wrote a couple beginnings of stories – my dystopian (7000 words), I Crashed My Friends (1000), Cyrus White (1000). I’ve got writing ADHD.

October: I rewrote Grey Wars. I got … 30,000 words, maybe?

November: I won NaNoWriMo with 50,000 words of a Grey Wars rewrite, after editing.

December: I wrote the beginning of a romance (5000), Aluisce (3000) and World Warriors (10,000).

In all, I wrote about 200,000 words. That’s definitely a record for me! I finished two longish stories (at least, novellas) and I like to think I have advanced in my efforts with Grey Wars.

What did I learn? One, writing quickly and mindlessly actually does improve my writing skills. Basically, going for quantity over quality isn’t all that bad. Two, I just can’t stay away from spec fic. Three, I respect authors so much. I always admired anyone who could write my favorite books. But woah. Writing a good book feels nigh impossible sometimes. Four, I’ve got writing ADHD. But I already knew that. I just didn’t have a formal diagnosis.

Next week, I’ll have a reading recap.

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