trying the genres


I’m not sure if this is just a compulsive phase that will pass. Yesterday, I realised my writing, aside from a couple historicals I wrote as a young child, is speculative. And that’s okay, sure, but it does mean I need to do a ton of world building and my plots are naturally larger. And ever since my writing sprint the last week of Nano, I am brain tired. So tired. Maybe I’m tired of my novel too.

And that’s one reason I’m going to try something new and radical. I’m going to write short stories. Novellas. Contemporary dramas. Scripts. Poems. Mysteries. Romance. Heck, maybe something fluffy and sweet and happy. Or how about a pirate adventure? Or a thriller? Or a horror story? I never thought I’d consider horror but I seriously think I could handle it now.

Maybe I won’t do them all. I definitely won’t do them all at once. But it’ll be fun exploring new horizons.

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