Life Update


I’m writing this post at night and everyone else is either sleeping or about to sleep so I’be got to rush this out. I thought I’d give a little update because there are some cool things I want to talk about.

For instance, this empathy test. Of course it’s a test. What else would I be doing? So, I got a score of 43 out of 80, which is average but closer to the average man’s empathy than the average woman (42 vs 47). You can take the test and tell me your score in the comments. You can find it by typing “empathy test out of 80” or something like it.

I found out about the test from Miriam Joy’s YouTube channel. I have been whittling away my time watching her videos because they are cool and funny and she is an awesome person, so check it out if you like that kind of stuff.

I’m writing my fantasy novel and just short of 6000 words. I realized I write much quicker on paper than on the computer or iPad. It could be because there’s no internet in easy reach for me to procrastinate with. Or it could be that my thoughts simply flow quicker when I have a (paper) notebook in front of me. It’s probably both.

I am absolutely determined to become a passable French speaker. Of course, I’d like to be an awesome French speaker but it might be too much to hope for so I’m going to be a little more realistic. But I’m going to be taking French in school next year and I’m determined not to start as a total beginner, because, seriously, how can I show up for a French assessment with a stilted, “Bonjour. Comment allez vous?” and draw a blank look at the oh so professional reply “Bien, merci. Prend ce papier et ecrit une histoire” when I have passed THREE years of French (with As) and the teachers know that? I don’t even know if I wrote all that correctly. The truth is, much of my French has gone in one ear and out the other, so I desperately need to practice. I’m planning to write a French novel and put myself on an English writing ban until after 7pm.

I’m also planning Christmas presents and because my family doesn’t read my blog, I will share them with you. But if you are one of my family members who for some reason decided to read this, STOP RIGHT NOW!

Okay, here tis. I’ll crochet a cake, draw a comic book, make an ampersand card, make some hanging earrings, do some looming, and draw a totally realistic portrait. None of this sounds very elaborate but it will take up a heap of time. Believe me, it will.

The last few weeks, I’ve been reading a lot. I’ve listed all the books I read this year on my Goodreads (you’ll find it on my sidebar) but the abbreviated list includes The Silmarillion (much easier to read than it was when I tried a year ago) and Code Name Verity (very good but I couldn’t feel the emotions AT ALL and that’s a pity). I got some free books from iBooks (thanks to Cait @ NotebookSisters for pointing out the free books!) and a library haul.

Oh, and I suddenly am able to whistle! I have been trying to whistle ever since I reached the age of reason. Now I’m sixteen and finally I can do it. I don’t really know how it suddenly clicked, but I was bending my head down and sipping tea when I finally whistled so perhaps that has something to do with it. I’m probably driving my family crazy with sounding like a steam train but I am just so satisfied. Whistling. I can actually whistle.

And that’s about it. Good night (or good day if it’s your daytime. Or bonjour.)

PS Now is the right time for me to launch into song. And a un, deux, trois:

Bonsoir, mes amis, bonsoir.
Bonsoir mes Amis bonsoir
Bonsoir mes Amis
Bonsoir mes Amis
Bonsoir mes Amis bonsoir
Au revoir

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