God Behind the Movie Screen

image(I received a free review copy of this book from Story Cartel)

This short book is told from the point of view of a Christian evolutionist and discusses the concept of God using science for creation and miracles, with analogies and examples from movies. It’s an interesting and unique idea and worth a read. You may not agree with everything author Allen D. Allen writes, but it’ll make you think. However, there were a few passages that are potentially offensive.

For instance, Allen writes that our bodies are not perfect, whether or not the reader is “too conceited” to admit it. Is it necessary to label readers as possibly conceited? Then Allen says that Christians “might” be more likely not to kill people at the instigation of a person in power. Is this true? I don’t know, but it would have been more accurate if he mentioned that atheists (and other deists – he didn’t include them) can have a strong moral sense outside of society.

Overall, it’s an interesting read if you’re curious about Christianity and science.

6 thoughts on “God Behind the Movie Screen

  1. *headdesk* Oh my gosh, sorry about the other comment. I was having trouble posting my comment. What I wanted to say was this book sounds really interesting and I’d love to check it out!

    *goes to deal with technical issues*


  2. About the first one: I would not be bothered by it at all, since I know that when it comes to me, it’s more than likely to be true. 😛 But the second… I don’t know. Christianity can be a polarizing issue in many cases, and I’d like to think we would be more discerning. As for me, I know I question just about everything I hear. I break it down, ruthlessly, seeking the inner message, its moral value, and what it truly wants to say. In fact, I’d be the most likely person to over-research and over-think it. 😛


      1. It’s possible, and more than likely, I think….
        Yeah…. Some people can be really thin-skinned, and I try not to be. I don’t always succeed. It’s easier to be thick-skinned about my personality than it is about my writing, for some reason.


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