image(I received a free review copy from Story Cartel of Gates, by G. S. Luckett, in exchange for an honest review.)

I’m not sure, honestly, if I like this book or not. I’m rating it three stars but that in no way describes it all. So I’ll give my thoughts on this book below in as detailed a way as I can.

First things first, let’s have some cover talk. I wanted to read this book both from the blurb but primarily from the cover. I like the atmosphere, illustration, and the way the tag line is printed. The blurb is below.


Some of God’s instruments are tarnished.

A death row inmate, known as The Brit, on an isolated island is able to escape from his execution during a freak thunderstorm. Now, he finds himself fighting his way through the prison and protecting the very people who jailed him. Pursued by prisoners and guards that will not die and a mysterious inmate from his nightmares, The Brit has to lead the others to escape in order to save their souls and possibly his own.

This is the first installment of a series where we find out how, The Reaper, is chosen and that he does more than shepherd lost souls. He maintains the balance between Heaven and Hell, that is threatened to be destroyed by an ongoing war. Can a condemned soul becomes God’s weapon?


I have hardly read paranormal so I don’t know if this is a unique concept or not but I have not heard of it before and the uniqueness of the premise impressed me favorably. And the plot carried through; it was unpredictable and didn’t lag.

However, I did not like the writing so much. It was choppy in many places and had lots of telling. There were typos and awkwardly phrased sentences.  The pacing was quick – too quick. The story was altogether too short. And this is probably why I couldn’t feel for the characters, especially the Brit. They were likeable enough but I was never afraid or sad for them. I liked the Pastor though.

Overall, this is a story with a good premise and a promising plot and characters. But because of the writing, it didn’t work so well for me. However, “okay” is not exactly the right rating. I would give it 2.5 stars, rounding up to 3.

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