Les Misérables

imageSo, I finished Les Miserables (Les Mis) about a week ago. And now I am in dire straights. I want to browse Les Mis blog posts, watch all the Les Mis videos, and listen to Jackman’s “Who Am I?” over and over but I also want to use my time productively and that’s, sadly, not my idea of productivity. So instead I have to be satisfied with a glowing review on this blog.

But, really, what can I say? How can I do justice to it? What can I say other than that Les Mis is possibly my favorite novel and Valjean is possibly my favorite fictional character of all time? Another thing – I knew most of what was going to happen but I still couldn’t stop turning the pages (once I had gotten past the beginning). And the whole Champmanthieu affair was brilliantly painful.

Still, I must be realistic. I will not say everyone should read this book. I will not even say most people should. Dare I say this? I found some parts boring.

What kind of fan says that about a favorite book?

Around a third of the book consists of history and philosophical essays. Much of it is interesting, but it’s complicated and sometimes makes me feel like I’m reading a schoolbook – not a patronizing one, but with heavy stuff! However, you can skip those parts and still appreciate the story. But the good thing about all this heavy stuff is it makes the story feel real. Same goes for the storyline itself full of back stories, info dumps, and descriptions; it’s crucial to the “feels”.

It is worth it. It is so worth it.

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