Not Perfect; Never Perfect



If I could write the perfect blog, I would. Believe me, I would. I like to think I’d refuse because “imperfection is beautiful”, but think about it. Perfect. Perfection is perfect. Perfect posts. The perfect blog. I spend a lot of time striving to be as close to perfect as possible.

However, I’m not perfect. My stories are imperfect. My phrasing is awkward. My blog design can be hard to read or not have that exact feel I want it to have. I make typos. My old posts make me cringe. I give bad advice. I regret some of my past reviews. I change my opinions.

And what’s more, this imperfection is never going to go away. I will never do everything “perfectly”. There will always be those weird posts, those blah posts, those mind numbingly stupid posts. Maybe sometimes I know they’re bad but I post them anyway because I’m tired or I feel like exposing my imperfection at its peak. Maybe I think it’s alright but come to regret it in future. There are technological glitches, like WordPress publishing my posts before they’re fully updated. And of course, there are the typos – there are always typos.

But the only remedy would be to never post. And I love blogging. I love sharing my thoughts with the world. I love discussing ideas with you all. I love the satisfaction of seeing a newly published post on a newly designed theme. I love the process of writing. I love writing pages and talking about my stories.

In a sense, it’s an either/or situation – no blog or imperfect blog? And my choice is easy. You won’t get any perfect posts here. But you will get to see me and my thoughts, in all their imperfect glory.

5 thoughts on “Not Perfect; Never Perfect

  1. Ugh, I can so relate to this. Loads of people have told me that they ADORE my blog, but… I reread my old posts and wince. I’m always thinking of ways I could’ve rewritten that sentence there (to make things more clear and less wordy) or how I could’ve rewritten that quip (to make it wittier).

    But if I tried to be perfect, well, I’d never achieve that. So. Yeah.


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