Project Book Analysis (Introduction)


That title is weird. I’ve written a lot of book analyses for school, but this time, I’m doing a book analysis for fun.

Well, technically, it’s not just for fun. I’m back in the reading mood so I’m going to reread some of my favorite books and analyze what makes them so good. It will help me with my own writing – but I’m mostly just doing this because I get to work with my favorite books! How awesome is that?

I’ll share my thoughts on all the books in posts to come.

Some books I’ll be analyzing (I either have them or they’re easy to get):

The Lord of the Rings
Pride and Prejudice
Quo Vadis
The Robe
Northanger Abbey
A Tale of Two Cities
The Screwtape Letters
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
A Man For All Seasons (play)
Cyrano de Bergerac (play)

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