How Many Blogs Does One Person Need?


There’s nothing wrong with a lot of blogs, as long as the blogger can keep up with them all. But that’s not my case. I only actively use a handful of the blogs I’ve started. And that’s okay, too, I guess. But I do feel bad about using up so many domain names. I’ve used too many in my life, I don’t even want to give the number. Actually, I couldn’t give one anyway as I’ve forgotten. 

There are three reasons I change blogs:

1. I no longer like the name

2. The name doesn’t suit what I’m going to do

3. I want to start afresh

I tend to start blogs for all sorts of things so 2. happens quite often. 

But maybe there’s another factor at play here. You see, I’ve been moving around a lot these sixteen years. My family and I have moved to different countries a total of eight times. Eight times! And we have lived in at least sixteen different houses. A different house a year is sure to affect someone. What’s a girl to do? 

Of course, you’d think I want the same blog for some stability. But apparently not. 

However, this is, I am quite certain, the last blog change I’ll make, at least for a very looooong time. But then, that’s what I said the last times …

4 thoughts on “How Many Blogs Does One Person Need?

  1. I think my blog echoes an ongoing evolution and learning process in style, theme, symbolism, and so forth. Eventually, I may upgrade to a custom domain name, but I don’t really plan on switching blogs. 🙂 At least the one I have now will be a pretty effective journal if I ever plan on looking back. 😉


      1. Yeah, I do that sometimes too. I find my writing gains depth and gets more complex as I go along–it also grows a little more simplistic and less flowery, for some reason.


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